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Scale Weight and Body Composition

Scale weight can be deceiving, especially when it comes to weight loss. A majority of the population does not understand ...
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Taking a Scientific Approach to Weight Loss and Muscle Gain

When you are searching for gyms in Buffalo, NY or a personal trainer in Buffalo, you want to look for ...
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Vitamin D and Resistance Training

Vitamin D is one of the more absent nutrients in modern diets. It is synthesized in our body from sunlight ...
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Not Only Does Foam Rolling Have no Impact on Your Strength, but it Improves Your ROM

As a personal trainer in Buffalo who encourages clients to use a lacrosse ball or foam roller to loosen up ...
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Breathing while Exercising or Weight Lifting

Breathing. Through our entire life, we do this very simple task every couple of seconds without even thinking about it…well ...
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News, Promos, and Shout Outs!

First of all, a huge congratulations to a couple of returning members to the Fierce Family! Teresa Lenahan and Larry ...
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Fierce Newsletter, December 2016

Fierce Family News First of all, we would like to extend a huge congratulations to the newest members of the ...
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Lactic Acid, Hydrogen, and What is Really Cause Your Muscles To Burn

Imagine you are in the middle of a workout…at Fierce Fitness of course! You are going for a set of ...
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Fierce News, January 2017

News & Updates Firstly, we would like to acknowledge Erica Bastian, Neel Shah, Mike Sims, Brian Hoffstetter and Earl Hill, ...
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The Connection Between Stress and Core Strength

One of the unavoidable parts of life is stress. Whether it stems from your career, your social life, or even ...
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